Loran M. Whitelock e Duke Benadom, The Cycads [2 voll.], Ed. Superb Succulents

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The Cycads‘ is for gardeners, collectors, naturalists, conservationists, and scientists: a thoroughly comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of this prehistoric plant clan…

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Editing aggiuntivo Anders Lindström Volume 1
Volume 2
Asia & Australia
Africa & The Americas
Edizione Superb Succulents, Simi Valley [California, U.S.A.] Illustrazioni Fotografie a colori
N. Volumi 2 N. Pagine 459 + 499
Dimensioni 22 x 28,4 x 7,8 cm. Peso 5,07 kg.


here are few plants, with the possible exception of palms, that can rival cycads for variety of foliage, size, and form. In spite of such diversity, however, cycads represent an ancient lineage whose fossil history extends over 200 million years. Indeed, the Jurassic period is known as the Age of Cycads as well as the Age of Dinosaurs. Cycads have been called the reptiles of the plant world because although they have a long history, they continue to exist, though precariously, in remarkable variety with 10 genera and close to 350 species.

Loran M. Whitelock has spent decades studying cycads in their natural habitats around the world. These observations, together with those made from his extensive living collection, provide firsthand, reliable information on cycads with special emphasis on their cultivation in a variety of climates as well as their propagation. Cycads are tough and durable, not only as survivors, but as ornamental plants of great intrinsic interest because of their long history and unique biology.

Cycads in habitat are endangered. Through Loran‘s efforts, a well-documented program of propagation has made an increasing variety of cycads available to those who wish to grow and know more about these unusual and dramatie plants. More than 470 photographs are included in this volume.

Both volumes of The Cycads are for gardeners, collectors, naturalists, conservationists, and scientists alike. A thoroughly comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of this prehistoric plant clan comes from the life’s work of that doyen of cycad enthusiasts around the world, Loran Whitelock. His great enthusiasm and vast personal experience shine through, creating an interesting, accurate, and factual book. His syntheses of history, taxonomy, ethno-botany, and horticulture has that rare combination of easy, interesting reading, yet strict adherence to fact. This book is a must-have for anyone interested in cycads.

Note bibliografiche

Prestigiosa edizione specialistica statunitense, a copertina rigida semi-lucida fotografica, pubblicata da Superb Succulents; dotata di sovracoperta semi-lucida fotografica; arricchita da un enorme repertorio fotografico a colori; stampata su carta semi-lucida di buona qualità e grammatura; rilegata a filo; edizione in lingua inglese.

Stato di conservazione

Come Nuovo [i volumi non presentano a livello strutturale né danni, né rovinature, segni, scritte o usure evidenti; legature snodate e molto resistenti; copertine rigide quasi intatte; sovracoperte in ottimo stato, con minimi segni di vissuto ai bordi e leggerissime opacità dovute a sfregamento ai piatti; ingiallimento della carta pressoché assente; coste ancora luminose].

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Peso 5.07 kg
Dimensioni 22 × 28.4 × 7.8 cm




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