Abraham E. van Wyk e Gideon F. Smith, Regions of Floristic Endemism in Southern Africa, Ed. Umdaus Press, 2001

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Regions of Floristic Endemism” brings together all the relevant information on most of the principal Regions of Plant Endemism in southern Africa…

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Edizione Umdaus Press, Hatfield [Sud Africa], 2001 Illustrazioni Fotografie e disegni a colori
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he extraordinary floristic diversity in southern Africais is not only one of the region’s greatest natural assets, but also one of the botanical wonders of the world. Here, south of the Cunene-Zambezi Rivers, more than 10% of all vascular plants – over 30000 species – are found on about 2.5% of the world’s land surface area. Moreover, at least 60% of these species are strictly confined (endemic) to the region. Contrary to what would be expected from a botanically rich region, more than half of the subcontinent is semi-desert or desert.

One consequence of the general aridity of the region has been the development of succulence as survival mechanism in many plants, including a significant proportion of endemics. Southern Africa is host to more than 46% of all succulent plants that occur worldwide; no other region boasts such a rich succulent flora. It is remarkable that most of southern Africa’s endemic plants are concentrated in only a few relatively small and well demarcated areas, known as Regions or Centres of Endemism.

Although the existence of these Centres has been known to field botanists for a long time, most of them remain comparatively little known outside scientific circles. While the classification and mapping of southern Africa’s vegetation types has been the subject of numerous publications, the classification and mapping of the region’s plant species (or flora) has been neglected.

Regions of Floristic Endemism in Southern Africa. A Review with emphasis on Succulents brings together, for the first time in one work, all the relevant information on most of the principal Regions and local Centres of Plant Endemism in southern Africa. Fully referenced and indexed, comprehensive overviews of each Centre of Endemism include notes on the name, history, boundaries, topography, climate, geology, soils, flora, vegetation, evolution, floristic links, conservation status and opportunities for further investigations.

An informative introduction explains some of the principles and practices of plant geography. Profusely illustrated with superb full-colour photographs and maps, this outstanding reference source is accessible to a wide range of users, and will be an invaluable resource for students and general readers alike.

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Prima Edizione, pubblicata da Umdaus Press nel 2001, a copertina rigida in tela blu, con titoli dorati al piatto e al dorso; rilegata a filo; stampata su carta semi-lucida di buona qualità con layout del testo a tre colonne; corredata da numerose fotografie e disegni a colori; dotata di sovracoperta semi-lucida fotografica a colori e segnalibro editoriale in seta blu.

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Come Nuovo [il volume non mostra danni strutturali, strappi, segni, mancanze o usure gravi che vadano evidenziate; legatura compatta e robusta; copertine rigide pressoché intatte; sovracoperta in ottimo stato, con minime opacità da sfregamento; coste ancora luminose; ingiallimento delle pagine ridottissimo; segnalibri intatto].

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Peso 1.33 kg
Dimensioni 23.8 × 30.6 × 2 cm
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