Maggie Lidz, The Du Ponts. Houses and gardens in the Brandywine (1900-1951), Ed. Acanthus, 2009

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The Du Ponts: Houses and Gardens in the Brandywine‘ features 25 Du Pont family houses and farms, including the celebrated Winterthur, Longwood, and Nemours estates…

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Edizione e Anno Acanthus Press, New York [USA], 2009
Prefazione George A. Weymouth Illustrazioni Fotografie e disegni in B/N e a colori
N. Volumi 1 N. Pagine 227
Dimensioni 26,5 x 31 x 2,7 cm. Peso (senza imballo) 1,96 kg.

No American family dominated a single state longer than the Du Ponts of Delaware. French immigrants who arrived in America January 1, 1800, the Du Ponts became a dynasty of publicity-shy entrepreneurs, engineers, horticulturists, and collectors. They built neighboring houses, gardens, and farms that spanned miles of rolling hills in the Brandywine Valley and earned the region the sobriquet Chateau Country. With their riches from the DuPont Company, the family pursued many passions, resulting in the exquisite art collections, botanical gardens, and libraries now enjoyed by the American public.

The Du Ponts: Houses and Gardens in the Brandywine [1900-1951], features 25 Du Pont family houses and farms, including the celebrated Winterthur, Longwood, and Nemours estates. There are unexpected surprises: Bellevue, a replica of James Madison’s Montpelier; Eleutherian Mills, the 19th-century partnership house overlooking the Brandywine Creek, resurrected in the 1920s as a colonial mansion with a garden that was considered one of most successful romantic conceits of the 20th century; and Hod House, the Hodgson system prefabricated residence built as a summer retreat on 550 acres.

Winterthur Museum’s estate historian Maggie Lidz captures the life of the Du Ponts at home with hundreds of rare period photographs from private archives and family albums and never before published autochromes, diascopes, and Dufay color images. The Crowninshields, the Sharps, the Homseys and the du Ponts – Henry Francis, Pierre Samuel, and Coleman – all come alive as we visit their country manors, horse farms, and spectacular gardens in the bucolic setting of the Brandywine Valley.



  • Eleutherian Mills
  • Lower Louviers
  • Old Nemours
  • Pelleport
  • Saint Amour
  • 808 Broom Street & the Old Mill
  • Longwood
  • Nemours
  • Gibraltar
  • Owl’s Nest
  • Second Office
  • Granogue
  • Chevannes
  • Boxwood
  • Winterthur
  • Garden Club of America tour
  • Applecross
  • Meown Farm
  • Fair Hill
  • Bellevue
  • Hod House
  • Mt. Cuba
  • Oberod
  • Tulip Hollow
  • The cottage at Winterthur
  • Portfolio of houses
  • Endnotes and Bibliography
Note bibliografiche

Pregevole edizione del 2009 realizzata da Acanthus, NewYork; di grande formato, a copertina rigida telata rossa con titoli dorati al dorso; dotata di sovracoperta semi-lucida fotografica, doppia e ripiegata; rilegata a filo; stampata su carta semi-lucida di buona qualità e grammatura; corredata da molte fotografie e disegni in B/N e a colori; segnalibro editoriale in seta rossa.

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Come Nuovo [il volume non presenta danni visibili, strappi, segni, pieghe o rovinature in generale a livello strutturale ed estetico; copertine rigide quasi perfette, con pochissime e trascurabili consunzioni ad alcuni spigoli; sovracoperta intatta con leggerissime flessioni/pieghettature quasi imercettibili; legatura a filo snodata e resistente; ingiallimento delle pagine quasi assente].

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Peso 1.96 kg
Dimensioni 26.5 × 31 × 2.7 cm
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New York [USA]

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